This ministry had a website and even had a paperback, but was not getting noticed on the Internet search engines at all. In just a matter of days, all three search engines had the ministry listed on their page #1 and in multiple listings for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places!

We had a website, but nobody could find it in sight. We helped him set up a YouTube Channel, got his videos out on the internet, and gave him more visibility than he had ever seen before!

Just like so many of us in ministry, this Christian author has a lot to say and an explosive message about surviving a horrific childhood predator.

The message he can bring to any size gathering is riveting. The power of his message through his autobiography will penetrate both victim, perpetrator, and those in the audience who discovered all too late what they might have done to help.

But unfortunately, he was stuck way down in the search engines, unable to get his message to the people. Prepared, ready, and willing, but no one could find him.

UNTIL.... he used the resources of CYMN.

Then he not only ranked on page one, but he ranked multiple times and not just on one search engine, but on all three of the most used search engines not only in his vicinity, but around the world!