Lead Generation is not another socio-demographer term for a grouping of Americans born within a certain period of years (Gen X, Baby Boomers, GI Gen, etc.

Customer acquisition is another way to describe the process of lead generation.

When a business has done all that is necessary to participate in free commerce, it's greatest need is for customers. Our friends and neighbors can learn a business, find a building, purchase an inventory, offer great deals, and provide outstanding service....but if the customers don't come, they perish.

The Steps Are Easily Outlined:

  • We find customers who already want what a business is selling.
  • We build websites to offer what a local business sells in order to discover the people who want it.
  • We make it possible for these "pre-qualified" consumers to contact the business.
  • The business gets the customer and we get paid.
  • We set it up automatically so that it works when we're no where around, 24/7/365!
  • We payment comes automatically from the business.
  • The customer is happy she found the business. The business owner is happy she made the sale. We're happy because we helped both of them be happy and we received pay on top of it.