As a means of income, one of the most simple steps is to tell others about what someone else is selling....for a small commission for your trouble. It's particularly appealing for us because we're helping people sell a good product to people who are looking for exactly that product. It's the kinder side to commercialism.

Basically, there are hundreds (when you know how and where to look) of vendors wanting you help to sell their products.

This means you don't have to create a product or search forever to find a worthwhile product to sell. These "products" can be anything and every thing that you already buy at the grocer, the clothing store, the sporting goods vendor, and anywhere else. They can be services specific to home service needs like: plumbing, pest control, painters, carpenters, handyman tasks, etc. There really is no end to the type of affiliate products or services that want to pay you to sell their stuff. And, you don't actually encounter either the product/service provider nor the purchaser. You do it all over the internet.

We can walk you through the paces, help you establish a relationship with the vendors and help you discover the specific products or services that would be best suited to your current knowledge, experience, or curiosity.‚Äč

We do this through social media marketing, internet marketing, or search engine optimization. Those may be completely foreign terms to you, but each of them have steps to follow and are very productive on the internet.