CYMN is your companion in ministry expansion.

What We’re About

Our call to ministry is to expand and extend your ministry. We understand the frustration of relying on traditional “word of mouth” methods. There is no replacement for personal endorsement, but that endorsement must find its way onto the preferred communication channels today. Those channels require an ever growing presence on the Internet. It’s not a replacement, but rather a “placing on” the primary relationship tracks that 87% of the world uses. CYMN uses the highest quality of relationship building tools successfully functioning in 61 countries worldwide and growing more effective daily!

CYMN considers it an honor to serve you as you serve the Lord. You can always count on the highest professional support in any contact at which CYMN has the privilege to serve you.

Our Staff

CYMN is more of a team to meet your needs than a staff focused on their craft. We literally build the staff required for your needs. We don’t use what you don’t need, but we have the professional skills at hand to assemble a staff around you. Marketing experts, SEO (search engine optimization) experts, graphic artists, web designers, videographers, video editors, content writers, managers, and many more!

Your ministry companions and support coordinators are Lynn Eckeberger and John Eckeberger.

Lynn has more than 30 years of experience with gospel ministries of all sizes, styles, and support. He has served preaching points, missions, churches from few to thousands, associations of churches, state and national conventions. He has the means to get your needs met in every way possible.

John brings to CYMN 20+ years of ministry experience coupled with 25+ years in the promotions and marketing field. Having launched both ministries and businesses, he provides a unique perspective on the art & science of building “followers & clients” in a highly competitive environment.

Yeah, they’re brothers. Who else would choose a last name like that?

We Understand Ministry

Someone once asked Billy Graham, “How will I know I am called to ministry.” Dr. Graham’s reply was, “When God won’t let you do anything else!”

We understand ministry. We understand those who minister. We want the gospel of Jesus Christ to extend to the entire world in our life time. We can help to make that happen through any means that effectively communicates to individuals or masses of people. We work knowing we have but one Master and we supply quality of service that bespeaks the King.