We are called into ministry to meet the needs of others. We seldom consider the cost of doing ministry, much less, will this ministry provide me enough money to live on.

This site is dedicated to providing income possibilities that keep you ministering without depending on the ministry to meet your personal money needs.

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Jesus said to them, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat and you will find a catch.” So they cast, and then they were not able to haul it in because of the great number…

John 21:6



You really just need to figure out 2 questions to decide if you need to spend anymore time on this site:

1. how little time do i want to use weekly to make money?

2. how much money do i need?

“I couldn't believe I could stay in ministry and provide for my family. When a friend showed me CYMN, my prayers were answered. Once I set things up (took about 12 accumulative hours), I only pay attention to this $1,500 monthly income stream for under 2 hours each month. If or when I need more income, I'll just repeat this for $3,000 monthly.”

Brother Lynn - Dallas, Tx

Want More Info?

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    1. Little time Let's talk about the real cost to your time, and make this work for you.
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    2. Money needs Let's be realistic about how much you need and how quickly you need it.
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    3. Best monthly income stream Among all the ways, let's find the one way best for you. 

I found what worked for me

Honestly, the search has been too costly in time and in money, but I kept searching because the ministry I do is that important. Is yours?

What does it cost to just ask? -- Nothing at all.

What does it cost for you to continue in your current situation?

Hundreds of ministers are looking for what you have just found.

Are you  going to stay with those still searching?

We provide a solution to your personal support

while you continue to do the much needed ministry

you have been called to do?

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